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Watches: Cartier Clé de Cartier Mysterious Hours

Pre-Watches & Wonders 2015: At the forthcoming Hong Kong Haute Horlogerie presentation, the House of Cartier will officially unveil the very first “Clé de Cartier” models with complications! Here is a sneak peek at the beautiful “Clé de Cartier Mysterious Hours”…

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Watches: Cartier Ronde Croisière

This month, Cartier quietly introduces a new model: the Ronde Croisière! Despite the lack of media buzz, this new creation truly deserves our attention…

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Watches: Cartier Rotonde Annual Calendar

Pre-SIHH 2015: Cartier reduces the size of its Rotonde Annual Calendar and uses this opportunity to rework the design and layout of this beautiful model. Let us have a first look at these new watches just two weeks before the SIHH 2015!

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Watches: Cartier Rêves de Panthères

Pre-SIHH 2015: The House of Cartier unveils a stunning Haute Horlogerie creation for discerning ladies with a taste for High Horology. This “Rêves de Panthères” will be officially presented during the SIHH in January 2015.

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Watches: Cartier Pasha Skeleton Dragon Manual 42mm Collection (+live pics)

Watches & Wonders 2014: The world of Chinese imagery seems to inspire Cartier’s Fine Watchmaking team as they present three interpretations of the perfect encounter between High Jewellery and Haute Horlogerie for women.

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Watches: Rotonde de Cartier Second Time Zone Day and Night Collection (+live pics & video)

Watches & Wonders 2014: Cartier reinforces its mid-level range with three equally stunning versions of the Rotonde de Cartier Second Time Zone Day and Night, a model that combines the refined aesthetic codes of this great Maison with sensible and beautifully displayed complications.

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Watches: Cartier d'Art Collection 2014

Every year Cartier unveils a new “Cartier d’Art” collection, exceptional models created with the help of extremely-difficult-to-master, almost-extinct, age-old or unheard-of decorative skills. This time, the brand showed how such exquisite techniques can be paired with outstanding calibres.

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Watches: Cartier Tank MC Two Tone Skeleton Pink Gold

Pre-SIHH 2014: Cartier moves up a gear in the previews race that precedes the SIHH. Here is the fourth stunning timepiece revealed by the brand: the Tank MC Two Tone Skeleton in pink gold.

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Watches: Cartier Rotonde Astrocalendaire

Pre-SIHH 2014: With the Rotonde Astrocalendaire, Cartier offers a new take on the perpetual calendar complication and creates a unique 3-dimensional sight.

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Watches: Cartier Rotonde Earth and Moon

Pre-SIHH 2014: Cartier continues to tease us with amazing sneak peeks of the 2014 collection. The Rotonde de Cartier Earth and Moon features an “on-demand” moon phase indication: a sensational world-first!

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