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Flash News: MB&F Legacy Machine 101 Frost Limited Editions (+live pics)

Today MB&F unveils two new “Legacy Machine 101” nicknamed “Frost” for the beautiful finish covering their mainplate. Here is an introduction to these limited editions with our live pictures to help you appreciate the beauty of these creations!

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Watches: MB&F Horological Machine N°3 MegaWind Final Edition (+live pics)

Pre-Basel 2015: Maximilian Büsser closes an important chapter of MB&F’s story with the final version of the already legendary “Horological Machine N°3”! All black with stunning green Super-LumiNova, the 25 pieces of this MegaWind Final Edition are bound to be a hit, sought-after by the brand’s many collectors…

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Flash News: MB&F Horological Machine N°5 CarbonMacrolon

MB&F introduces a new version of the jaw-dropping Horological Machine N°5 dressed in black with hints of iridescent purple. But there is more than meets the eye as this new model also introduces a brand new material developed for the occasion!

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Watches: MB&F Legacy Machine 101 (+live pics)

After two “Performance Art” pieces in a row, namely the Legacy Machine Nº 1 Xia Hang and the Starfleet Machine (a table clock created in collaboration with L’Epée 1839) unveiled at Baselworld, MB&F introduces today the third member of its Legacy Machine collection: the Legacy Machine 101!

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Watches: MB&F Legacy Machine N°1 Xia Hang (+live pics)

MB&F reveals the first artistic interpretation of its Legacy Machine N°1 in collaboration with Beijing-based sculptor Xia Hang. Not just a sublime timepiece: this model also redefines how art and watchmaking can interact!

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Watches: Independent Watchmakers in 2013 - Part 2

Technically challenging and aesthetically unique, the watches presented in this article, however, are just the tip of the iceberg: the independent watchmakers are as productive as they are creative. So much the better: we enjoy wearing and collecting them!

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Watches: MB&F Horological Machine N°5 RT Red Gold and Titanium

The Horological Machine N°5 comes back for another 66-piece limited edition in more luxurious attire: last year’s zirconium gave way to a beautifully brushed red gold top combined with a titanium chassis to keep the overall weight reasonable.

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