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Watches: RJ-Romain Jerome Lucha Libre Mexicana

After the “Día de los Muertos “, RJ-Romain Jerome celebrates a new aspect of the Mexican culture with the “Lucha Libre Mexicana” limited edition: an introduction to another extremely exciting “historical icon”!

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Watches: RJ-Romain Jerome Tetris-DNA

RJ-Romain Jerome continues its streak of colourful timepieces dedicated to famous arcade video games of the eighties. After Pac-Man and Space Invaders, here comes the Tetris-DNA!

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Watches: RJ-Romain Jerome Día de los Muertos Clássico

RJ-Romain Jerome introduces three additional “Día de los Muertos” timepieces in 43 mm: a quick presentation of these newcomers!

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Flash News: RJ-Romain Jerome Subcraft

Baselworld 2015 Release: RJ-Romain Jerome transforms its Spacecraft models into the new Subcraft timepieces. The recipe remains the same, though: the use of an extremely original movement with an atypical case!

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Watches: RJ-Romain Jerome Berlin-DNA

RJ-Romain Jerome celebrates 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and create the Berlin-DNA timepiece to help the East Side Gallery preserve the 106 large paintings by artists from all over the world that adorn the longest open air gallery in the world!

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Watches: RJ-Romain Jerome Día de los Muertos Resucitado

With the “Día de los Muertos Resucitado” RJ-Romain Jerome continues a beautiful series started in 2012 to celebrate the Mexican holiday. After three batches of timepieces with a “calaveras” appliqué, the design team has not lost its inspiration: the newcomers are as stunning and desirable as the previous iterations!

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Watches: In Celebration of Brazil and the FIFA 2014 World Cup

Football and the country hosting the FIFA 2014 World Cup have been an important source of inspiration for many watch brands this year. Let us have a look at five of the most significant tributes to a country where football is king.

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Flash News: RJ-Romain Jerome H9C-DNA Collection (+live pics)

RJ-Romain Jerome and HardNine Choppers partner-up to unveil a new “Capsule” collection inspired by a WLC 1943 Harley Davidson motorbike. A brief introduction to the two H9C-DNA models.

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Flash News: RJ-Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Steampunk Auto Colours

RJ-Romain Jerome shows how a nice touch of colour can spice up an “all-black” watch and unveils six beautiful renditions of the Titanic DNA Steampunk Automatic model that will make you look good this summer!

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Photo Report: RJ-Romain Jerome Nose Art Collection (live pics)

Inspired, fun and customised… There is so much to like about RJ-Romain Jerome’s new Nose Art collection that we have decided to give it a closer look, with live pictures of course!

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