Watches: Christophe Claret Poker Collection (+live pics)

By Thierry Ané on January 21, 2014

Christophe Claret completes its trilogy of stunning timepieces dedicated to card games: after the 21 Blackjack and the Baccarat, the brand introduces its Poker watch in four versions of 20 pieces each.

Poker is definitely a trendy game these days, so much so that one would have expected this watch to be released first. The only reason why it came last is its extreme complexity: the watch allows for a real three-player game of the most popular variant of poker: the Texas Hold’em.

Despite all the time I spend in Las Vegas, I don’t play the game (or any other for that matter!), so I will not venture in detailed explanations of how the game takes place. Let me just say that two closed cards are first dealt to each player. They are located between 1 and 2 o’clock for the first player, at 6 o’clock for the second and between 10 and 11 o’clock for the last player. Since these cards should be visible only to the concerned player, the brand created special blinds that conceal each hand from other players. The first betting round takes place. Then, by pressing the “Flop” pusher on the left-hand side of the case, the first three open cards are dealt (they are located at 9 o’clock). After another betting round the second pusher on the case allows to reveal the fourth card known as the “turn” and finally the last one also called the “river”. Obviously the player with the best possible combination of five cards from the seven in their hand wins.

The watch comes in four versions: a pink gold model with orange hands and a black alligator strap with orange stitches, a white gold version where the orange of the hands and stitches has been replaced by red, and two black PVD titanium models with either blue or red accents. All versions feature a 3D roulette wheel on the back that rotates as the watch rotor moves. The shape of the 45 mm case and the general style of these Poker watches certainly recall the design of the 21 Blackjack and the Baccarat. What is different though is the motif that appears when the dial is breathed upon: a pin-up girl, different for each version will be revealed for a few seconds. This metallization process of the sapphire crystal brings an additional fun touch to the watch.

I love how Christophe Claret is always able to successfully mix elements from the horological world like the patented cathedral gong you hear when dealing cards with more unconventional elements like card games, roulette wheel or dice. Once again, this new model is the perfect balance of watchmaking tradition and fun irreverence. Whatever the version, the watch would look good on any wrist!

Some live shots

The white and yellow gold versions

The black PVD titanium version with blue accents, front and back

Yellow gold version: the buttons that control dealing the cards, and the roulette on the back