Watches: DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Full Moon (+live pics)

By Thierry Ané on February 7, 2014

Whether it is a tourbillon model or a simple three-hand timepiece, the DeWitt manufacture puts a tremendous amount of care in the realisation of their watch dials. In my view, it is perhaps what makes DeWitt so special on the market. No matter which complication you consider, you will always find several brands approaching it from interesting yet different angles. If you look at the originality and variety of dials produced though, few brands are able to offer the quality and beauty you will encounter on most DeWitt’s models.

The moon phase is by definition the most poetic complication a timepiece can offer. It is thus the perfect playground for the brand’s designers to express their creativity. And, let me just say that they certainly did not disappoint with the new Twenty-8-Eight Full Moon. The goldstone used for the upper right side of the dial represents the celestial infinity thanks to its dark blue colour and its sparkling inclusions. It also features a “XII” and “III” rose gold appliqués. In contrast, the lower left side of the dial seems almost raw: it is formed by the movement plate itself slightly engraved. It looks like a space view of a piece of the globe. At 6 o’clock stands the unusual moon phase display. It is composed of a goldstone disc above a yellow-gold tone wheel with two hemispheres of white mother-of-pearl. Overhanging this construction, a pink gold piece with a hollowed circle indicates the phases of the moon. In rose gold-coloured transfer, the minute track runs from 11 to 5 o’clock only to be interrupted by a thin insert of goldstone along the rest of the track.

This beautiful dial is animated by the self-winding DW.0160 calibre with 42 hours of power reserve. Its moon phase module was developed and is manufactured entirely in-house. This movement is encased in DeWitt’s Twenty-8-Eight case with its iconic imperial columns on the case band and the crown. For this model, the 43 mm case has been crafted in titanium and is paired with a black alligator strap secured by a titanium folding buckle. The entire piece meets the very high standards of finishing one would expect from this manufacture.

This understated model combines fine watchmaking with original aesthetics. It is not a timepiece you will put on and forget it is on your wrist: you will fell compelled to admire it. Since we saw the watch during the SIHH week, you will find a series of live pictures below.

For a technical description of the timepiece and additional pictures: