Watches: Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph with Blue Dial

By Thierry Ané on November 11, 2013

First introduced in 1996, the Overseas collection has established itself as the sporty, yet elegant and chic, line for Vacheron Constantin. Over the years, the immediately recognizable case with it Maltese Cross-like bezel has been crafted in various metals from platinum to gold in every hues, to steel, or even to titanium. Similarly, this perfectly finished frame has housed a wide range of complications: a chronograph, a dual time or even a perpetual calendar.

In line with its classic heritage, though, Vacheron Constantin has remained very conservative with the colour choices of the dial until last year when an Overseas Chronograph in steel was introduced with a bright blue lacquered dial. Its white gold hands and hour markers are covered with white SuperLuminova ensuring perfect legibility. With a mix of polished and satin-finished surfaces, the steel bracelet of this version keeps hold of the iconic links shaped like a half Maltese Cross that are so characteristic of the Overseas collection. The watch houses calibre 1137 (with a Frédéric Piguet base): it is an automatic self-winding chronograph with large date display by two windows at 12 o’clock.

Last year’s Overseas Chronograph with Blue Dial

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Some people may question Vacheron Constantin’s legitimacy in the sports watch segment but it all comes down to your definition of a sports watch. If you mean something you would wear for skydiving, mounting climbing, cliff diving or any other extreme sport, a Vacheron Constantin is absolutely not the kind of watch you need. If by sports watch you mean something relaxed you would like to wear during the weekend with a pair of jeans, an Overseas is a perfect choice.

In my opinion, however, the steel bracelet of last year’s model plays too much on the sports connotation and not enough on the “country gentleman” feel I expect from this type of watch. Too sporty and not sophisticated enough to my taste. This is why I was so pleased to hear that Vacheron Constantin has decided to add another version of the steel Overseas Chronograph with blue dial that now sports a beautiful blue alligator strap.

This year’s Overseas Chronograph with Blue Dial

Find out more about the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph Steel

In this combination the watch looks absolutely stunning and strikes a perfect balance between elegant and laid-back attitude. The watch is also delivered with a blue rubber strap and like other Overseas versions offers a raised motif of the historical Amerigo Vespucci sailboat on the case back.

A few days ago I presented my top five blue dial watches of 2013Watches: Top 5 Blue Dial Watches of 2013. Considering the general appreciation for blue watches, I was cautious enough to mention that we could expect a few more wonderful models from this category before the end of the year. It didn’t take long before the release of a new blue dial watch beautiful enough to disrupt my previous rankings. There is no doubt I would like to include it in my compilation. The problem is: which one should exit the top five to make room for the Overseas Chronograph?

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