Watches: MB&F Horological Machine N°5 RT Red Gold and Titanium

By Thierry Ané on November 8, 2013

MB&F has just unveiled the second limited edition series of the Horological Machine N°5. Crafted in a mixture of red gold and titanium, this version follows the all-zirconium “On The Road Again” model introduced last year.

In the tradition of driving watches, the HM5 displays the time on the side so that if faces the driver/wearer while his hands are on the wheel of his car. In this particular watch, this time display is obtained by projection through a sapphire crystal prism that also magnifies the indications of the hour and minute discs. Blue-coloured frames on the front of the sapphire crystal circle the correct time indications (Last year’s model used green-coloured frames instead).

In keeping with the automotive metaphor, the hood of the wedge-shaped case features black “louvres” inspired by the rear windows of some 1970s sports cars. Activate a small level and the slats will open to allow the light into the movement so that the prism can do its work.

The case material is what set this edition apart from last year’s Horological Machine. Indeed, the zirconium has been replaced by a titanium chassis with an entirely brushed red gold cover. Meanwhile, the sculptured black rubber bracelet (another reference to the automotive world) and titanium pin buckle of the original model are preserved.

Limited to 66 pieces the new Horological Machine N°5 RT Red Gold and Titanium retails at 72 000 swiss francs before taxes. Considering how cool this watch is, there is no doubt this version will sold-out as fast as last year’s “On The Road Again” model.

For a technical description of the timepiece and additional pictures: