Watches: Hublot Big Bang Ferrari 2014 Collection

By Thierry Ané on February 25, 2014

It has already been two years since Hublot and Ferrari introduced the first two Big Bang Ferrari models back in 2012. The success of the Big Bang Ferrari Titanium and the Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold was instantaneous and the new case designed by the Nyon-based manufacture for its racing partner became as iconic as the Big Bang, the King Power or the Classic Fusion models that preceded it.

All over the world, watch aficionados with a penchant for sporty timepieces and beautiful cars all wanted a Big Bang Ferrari on their wrists and Hublot was soon to release an additional three versions: a model entirely crafted in black ceramic, a king gold version with carbon fibre bezel and the Big Bang Ferrari Red Magic model entirely in carbon fibre with a red sapphire glass completed the collection in 2013.

With watches just like with cars, what really arouses the interest of connoisseurs is rarity and customization, and Hublot has long mastered the art of limited series. Not surprisingly then, the brand offered several exclusive versions in connection with Formula One Grand Prix or for its mono-brand boutiques. A Ferrari UAE, a Ferrari Singapore, a Ferrari Texas, a Ferrari UK, two Ferrari Mexico (titanium or King Gold), a Ferrari Hong Kong, a Ferrari Beverly Hills, a Ferrari California 30 Giappone and a Ferrari Germany, augmented the Ferrari collection this year (P.S.: if a model is missing in this list, I would be happy to know so do not hesitate to send me a message).

Each more beautiful and collectible than the next, these limited series brought to 15 the number of models in this fast-growing collection. For 2014, Hublot proves that it has definitely not exhausted the possible renditions of the Big Bang Ferrari as they will unveil no less than three new models at Baselworld.

The first new model, Big Bang Ferrari Carbon Black Ceramic, mixes a black ceramic case with a carbon fibre bezel and adds nice touches of “Ferrari yellow” for the hour markers and numerals on the dial, the coloured ring between the bezel and the case and for the stitches of the black Schedoni leather strap. Crafted in titanium, the second model also features a carbon fibre bezel and the red-tinted sapphire so specific to the brand (unfortunately I have no pictures of this version yet but I will present it after Basel with live shots).

The last model to be officially introduced at Baselworld 2014, the Big Bang Ferrari King Gold, is the first ever Ferrari model entirely crafted in King Gold. The models listed above already included one version entirely made of Magic Gold, Hublot’s proprietary scratch-resistant 18-carat gold, and two versions with a King Gold case but with a carbon fibre bezel. As a reminder, “King Gold” is the name of the 18 carat gold alloy used by Hublot. Its exclusive colour, redder than the traditional 5N red gold, is obtained by increasing the percentage of copper and is stabilized with the addition of platinum.

The Big Bang Ferrari King Gold is thus the very first one entirely realised in Hublot’s precious metal. On its sapphire dial, the Ferrari Prancing Horse, the hour markers and numerals, and the hands are also made of King Gold and to stay in the same colour palette, the Schedoni leather of the strap is what the brand calls “dark gold”.

Of course, all three versions are equipped with the brand’s in-house Unico HUB 1241 calibre. This self-winding flyback chronograph movement, known for its reliability and robustness, can be found inside all Ferrari models released so far. There will be 1,000 pieces of the Big Bang Ferrari Carbon Black Ceramic and the same amount of the Big Bang Ferrari Carbon Titanium. The Big Bang Ferrari King Gold will be limited to 500 units, bringing the total of Big Bang Ferrari ever produced to 6,980 pieces if my count is right.

I really like the Bing Bang Ferrari models that feature very strong colours like the Ferrari Beverly Hills, Ferrari California 30 Giappone, Ferrari Singapore, the Ferrari Mexico when it is fitted with the green Schedoni leather strap, and also the Ferrari Hong Kong for its unique red ceramic bezel. I thus really appreciate the Big Bang Ferrari Carbon Black Ceramic with its bold yellow. For the same reason, I find the Big Bang Ferrari King Gold absolutely stunning. The presence of both a case and bezel in gold coupled with the colour of the strap makes it absolutely unique in the big Ferrari family. I therefore look forward to discovering the third version and I am sure all three models will meet the same success as their predecessors. Well done once again!

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