Flash News: Franc Vila FVn N°19 Neo Alta United-States Patriot

By Thierry Ané on February 26, 2014

More often than not, the first step to create a watch icon is to come up with an unmistakable case design and Franc Vila’s “Esprit Unique” case surely does not lack personality! With its generous 55 x 42 mm proportions, this oval-shaped case with an elliptical and circular bezel can be spotted a mile away. It is extremely original and utterly contemporary and has already gathered many advocates among the watch lovers with a preference for sportier models.

Over the years, the brand’s “Esprit Unique” models have housed their fair share of complications but Franc Vila’s timepieces look equally appealing in their time-only version. This is precisely the configuration the brand selected to create the FVn N°19 Neo Alta United-States Patriot, a special edition developed for the US market in a limited series of only 18 pieces.

With a DieHard Extreme steel case and a carbon fibre dial, the watch has been customized to evoke the American flag. It features alternating white and red hour markers and minute track and the stitches on the black textile strap are blue, white and red like the colours of the flag. But perhaps the most obvious reference to "the Stars and Stripes" is the seconds dial that has been replaced with a rotating blue disc covered with the 50 white stars of the American Flag.

The FVn N°19 Neo Alta United-States Patriot is equipped with the self-winding Fvn19 mechanical movement, hand-assembled and finished by the brand. It features the brand’s exclusive “Gold Concept Rotor” that can be admired from the exhibition case back. A tasteful homage to the country of Uncle Sam…

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