Watches: Louis Moinet Qatar Tourbillon

By Thierry Ané on February 27, 2014

When most brands set their timepieces with the most exquisite precious stones they can put their hands on, Swiss luxury brand Louis Moinet has chosen an entirely different path to create extraordinary models. The brand does its best to collect the most unusual and rarest stones from all parts of the world and uses them in the production of the finest watch dials.

The “Treasures of the World” collection released in 2012 perfectly illustrates this unique approach to exclusiveness. In collaboration with Biel-based stone cutter Daniel Haas, the brand unveiled three magnificent Vertalis Tourbillon renditions whose dials have been adorned with Australian Opal, Biggs Jasper and Red Stromatolite, all three as beautiful as they are rare.

By definition, however, top-quality stones, age-old fossils or unheard-of outer space materials are not waiting around the corner to be transformed into watch dials. This type of creations remains exceptional and conditional upon new raw material discoveries. It makes the introduction of each new model all the more so exciting!

Just two weeks before Baselworld, Louis Moinet unveils the new chapter of this quest for exclusiveness with the introduction of the Qatar Tourbillon. The dial of this beautiful model, produced in a limited edition of 12 pieces, features two inlays cut into the Qatar 001, one of the three meteorites ever found in Qatar. Whereas the other two (Qatar 002 and Khatiyah) were discovered in the Al Jumayliyah, the 6.7 kg Qatar 001 landed in the area of Jarayan al Batnah. It originated from the asteroid belt situated between the Mars and Jupiter orbits.

The meteorite is not the only reference to Qatar on this dial: the dark blue appliqué that circles the tourbillon cage and holds the meteorite inlays is hand-engraved with a motif that recalls the sand dunes of this country and also features two white gold Qatari swords. To make this piece even more precious, the brand also included a round piece of red Stromatolite where the hours and minutes hands are attached. Red Stromatolites are one of the Earth’s most ancient fossils, and possibly the only form of life on our planet until around 550 million years.

The exclusive hand-wound calibre with tourbillon escapement that animates this model can be admired through the sapphire exhibition case back. It is housed in a 47 mm white gold case composed of no less than 59 parts. It is mounted on a hand-sewn Louisiana alligator strap secured with a folding buckle made of white gold and black titanium.

The Qatar Tourbillon is an elegant timepiece with an extremely refined dial and a sophisticated movement. It therefore offers all we can expect from high-end watchmaking and will make twelve watch lovers very happy.

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