Flash News: DeWitt Twenty-8-Eight Retrograde Second Black PVD Titanium

By Thierry Ané on March 4, 2014

Although a complicated watch with fancy displays may instantly command attention, most of the time the excitement fades away as quickly and the owner is left with another oddity in his or her collection, bewildered as to why he or she has bought the timepiece in the first place!

By definition, a classic design is timeless and your love affair with such a model should not be affected by the passage of time. If a classic watch is neutral enough to successfully overcome the inevitable evolution of your tastes, it is also a bit boring. However beautifully crafted, a two-hand dial remains lifeless. Although you may still feel like wearing the timepiece, you will certainly not surprise yourself glancing at it during the day.

Yet, all it takes to breathe life into a classic model is a little playful animation on the dial, like retrograde seconds.

DeWitt surely understands the need to instil a little twist into the classic codes and the “Seconde Retrograde” has been a successful part of its Academia collection since 2003. Last year, the brand even offered a new frame to this lively complication with the Twenty-8-Eight case. Slender and more refined than the Academia case, it still features the iconic imperial columns on the case bands. They are more discreet though, and paired with a slightly more understated bezel to give a softer fell to the 43 mm case.

Last year’s Twenty-8-Eight Retrograde Second in neotitanium

The brand presented two versions of the “Twenty-8-Eight Seconde Retrograde” model, one in Neotitanium and the other in Rose Gold and Neotitanium. This year DeWitt introduces a stealthy Black PVD Titanium rendition.

The titanium case in entirely coated with black PVD and is paired with a nice rose gold crown with the same imperial column motif as the case band and bezel. It is fitted with a black alligator strap secured with a black PVD titanium pin buckle engraved with the brand’s “W” signature.

The real show is of course the dial: as usual with DeWitt, it has been lavishly decorated with several sorts of guilloché. The galvanic black guilloché outer ring received rose gold Roman numeral appliqués at the cardinal points interspersed by smaller Arabic numerals. Circled in rose gold, the dial centre is grey with a stunning flame guilloché motif. At 6 o'clock lies the sand-blasted retrograde seconds zone in grey colour tone with a rose gold hand that sweeps gently between 0 and 60 before jumping back to its initial position and resuming its stroll on the dial.

The watch is animated by the DW1102 calibre with a 40-hour power reserve. This self-winding movement is an ETA 2892 base with a retrograde seconds module developed by Agenhor. It is assembled, adjusted and tested by a single watchmaker at Dewitt’s manufacture. It is finished entirely by hand in the spirit of Haute Horology.

Last year’s Twenty-8-Eight Retrograde Second in rose gold and neotitanium

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