Flash News: Breva Genève Genie 02 Air

By Thierry Ané on March 12, 2014

Not so long ago, I presented the Genie 02 TerreWatches: Breva Genève Genie 02 Terre (+live pics) that Breva Genève introduced to the press during the SIHH week. This beautiful model in titanium was the first timepiece of the brand’s second range to be unveiled. With a name referring to “Terre” (or “Land”) one did not need to be a psychic to predict that an “Air” and/or a “Mer” (or “Sea”) version(s) would follow.

Less than two weeks before Baselworld’s grand opening, the brand reveals the second part of what will hopefully be a trilogy: the Genie 02 Air.

This new watch houses the same proprietary movement as the Genie 02 Terre. Developed exclusively for Breva by Jean-François Mojon (from Chronode), it features a high performance mechanical altimeter available with calibrations in either meters or feet. I refer you to my previous article on the Genie 02 TerreWatches: Breva Genève Genie 02 Terre (+live pics) for all the technical explanations and functioning details.

Genie 02 Terre on the left and Genie 02 Air on the right

Let me just mention here that the official pictures of the Genie 02 Terre as well as the model we photographed in Geneva was graduated in meters while the official pictures of the Genie 02 Air feature a model graduated in feet. Even though I thought it was a very good idea to offer the altimeter with both graduations, I must confess that I am not impressed with the result. Indeed, the movement has not been adapted to fit both systems of measurement: it has been designed for indications in meters and the scales have simply been converted in feet. The graduation from “0” to “10” on the sub-dial at 2 o’clock makes perfect sense on the Genie 02 Terre. The graduation between “0” and “3” not so much! It seems to me that although one country is using feet they still rely on a decimal system: the sub-dial should have been graduated from “0” to “10” feet and the movement modified accordingly.

The 2 o’clock sub-dials of both models

Aesthetically, the big difference is the presence of a black titanium case and a black relooking of the dial. The previously grained and galvanically-treated nickel silver sub-dials are now black and so is the “large-scale” altimeter indication between 9 and 1 o’clock. The altimeter scales and the hands receive a beige SuperLuminova coating that works perfectly well with the black look. However, I am a bit confused since it alludes to “Land” more than to “Air” for me whereas the nickel silver sub-dials were, in my opinion a better reference to “Air”.

Despite these little remarks, it goes without saying that this is an extremely fine timepiece and I look forward to seeing it in Basel. I will come back on Breva Genève’s introductions with live pictures.

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