Flash News: RJ-Romain Jerome Nose Art–DNA Collection

By Thierry Ané on March 28, 2014

With two new pieces in its Capsules Collection, RJ-Romain Jerome offers a nice tribute to “Nose Art”, a colourful art trend that had its golden age during World War II when many soldiers developed a strong bond with their aircraft and affectionately decorated them with paintings of pin-ups or shark-mouths.

Partly decorative and partly a talisman, these lively motifs were present on the “Pink Lady”, a famous Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress that served many missions during the war in the US army based in Great Britain. Later, the “Lady” participated in multiple exploratory missions all over the globe and became the star of many motion pictures (“La Grande Vadrouille” in 1966 to name but one).

As usual with the brand, parts of this legendary plane have been embedded into the 46 mm case of these two new timepieces. The Nose Art Black received a full black PVD treatment while the Nose Art Red combines a black PVD case with a red gold bezel. In reference to the military link of Nose Art, both watches feature a camouflage background motif on the dial: green and brown for the Nose Art Black and grey for the Nose Art Red. Each case back hides its own individually painted pin-up, delicately tucked under a transparent sapphire glass on the back of the watch.

Inspired by aviator straps, the brand has added a calf NATO strap to both new models (black for the Nose Art Black and grey for the Nose Art Red). This specific design was created to prevent the watch from sliding off the wrist while in the line of fire and was chosen by soldiers for its durability.

Inside these watches beats the self-winding RJ001-CH chronograph calibre with 42 hours of power reserve. Only 99 pieces of each version will be produced and the retail price for the Nose Art Black is $12,500 while the Nose Art Red carries a price tag of $15,950.

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