Watches: RJ-Romain Jerome Spacecraft Black PVD Titanium (+live pics)

By Thierry Ané on April 22, 2014

Few brands can claim to be as creative and iconoclast as RJ-Romain Jerome. Since the very first collection, the Titanic-DNA, something definitely set this brand apart in the conformist watchmaking landscape.

And I am not only talking about the presence of steel and coal from the Titanic. The design of the case with its four paws, the characteristic crown, and of course the presence of stabilised rust on the bezel truly created a unique look that remains as relevant and cutting-edge today as it was on the first model. If you are not convinced, just have a look at the beautiful Titanic DNA Steampunk presented in 2012 and you will realise how accomplished these models are in terms of design.

With its second collection, the Moon-Dust DNA, the brand proved that it was here to stay and introduced exciting new models over the years like the Moon-Dust DNA Black Mood. To me though, it is through the “Capsules” collection that the brand better expresses its immense creativity. Whether the source of inspiration comes from the universe of video games like with the Pac-Man or the Space Invaders, the “memento mori” iconography like with the Art DNA or the Día de los Muertos, famous sci-fi films like with the DeLorean DNA or the world of tattoos and maritime art like with the Tattoo DNA, RJ-Romain Jerome always delivers exciting and collectible timepieces.

Last year, however, with the Spacecraft Titanium, they entered an entirely different dimension. Created in collaboration with renowned designer Eric Giroud and expert watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, the watch proved it was possible to present a truly innovative timepiece both technically and aesthetically at a very affordable price (around US$33,000).

The movement, with the linear retrograde hours display mechanism clearly visible

With an unusual trapeze-shaped and faceted case, the piece looked like a driver’s watch from the future. The hours are revealed on the side of the case by a red indicator and through a linear retrograde jumping system. The dragging minutes are featured on a black rotating disc with a red cursor at the top of the case. This model sits perfectly on the wrist and gives the owner an edge that only another model, namely MB&F’s beautiful Horological Machine Nº 5 On the Road Again, could bring but with a price tag of around US$65,000!

With only 99 pieces made, this stunning model was clearly too limited to meet the demand and the brand’s aficionados that were not fast enough to secure one will be delighted to learn that the brand presented a second version of this exclusive model at Baselworld this year.

On the side towards you, the hour is shown in orange, here 1 o'clock

On the top, the minutes, here 7, so it's 1:07

The Spacecraft Black PVD Titanium retains all the design codes and technical features that have made the success of the Spacecraft Titanium. The titanium case, however, is now coated with a black PVD and the red indicators have been replaced by orange ones. Lastly, the black polyamide strap of last year’s iteration has been replaced with a nice black buffalo leather strap with orange stitches.

Thierry wears watches on the right hand

This stealthy new rendition works perfectly for this model and the timepiece really looks amazing on the wrist. If you are interested though, hurry up this time as the watch is limited to 25 pieces and only retails for US$29,500…

The titanium version released last year

For a technical description of the timepiece and additional pictures: