Watches: Sarpaneva New Korona Models (+live pics)

By Thierry Ané on May 10, 2014

Most famous for his beautiful and highly poetic moon phase complications, Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva unveils no less than three new beautiful models this week.

Korona Moonshine 46mm

With a slightly daunting moon face that takes most of the dial, the Korona K3 Moonshine introduced in 2010 was an extremely original timepiece featuring no hands but a skeletonised hour wheel constructed from stainless steel with an arrow indicator at 6 o’clock that serves to tell the time. It also embarked a stainless steel moon phase wheel with luminous coating which completes its rotation every 29.5 days.

This month, Sarpaneva presents a larger version of this iconic model with the Korona Moonshine 46mm. A 46 mm case with a thickness of 11.9 mm now replaces the 42 mm frame of the previous version. It thus offers a larger space on the dial for the mesmerizing moon made of oxidised sterling silver or 18K gold depending on the version. Bigger and stronger than ever, the celestial body becomes particularly fascinating at night due to the green SuperLuminova that covers the disc beneath the skeletonized hours ring.

I really think it is an excellent idea to offer one of its stunning models in a larger case size and hope more will follow. This is of course motivated by my personal love for larger size watches but I also believe it is appropriate here as it offers a more dramatic view of Sarpaneva’s captivating moon. This is a stunning model that will not go unnoticed.

Korona Kosmos

Despite its smaller size, the moon of the Korona Kosmos remains very present. It leaves, however, a lot of room on this three-dimensional skeletonized dial that comprises no less than a dozen different layers for Stepan Sarpaneva to express other sides of his creativity.

The grid-like structure offers an uncluttered view of the two-part moon wheel made of circular brushed blue steel decorated with 125 laser cut stars in the same spirit as the Korona K3 Northern Stars and its Ursa Minor Constellation. It overlaps a hand-engraved oxydized sterling silver moon and completes a full revolution in 59 days, reflecting two moon phase cycles.

Offered in Sarpaneva’s usual 42 mm case, here featured in steel, it is also available in white or red gold with a matching moon face. All versions are mounted on a black alligator strap with a pin buckle matching the material of the case.

It is quite extraordinary how such a complex dial can look so uncluttered. I think that the combination of the grid, the iconic moon phase and the blue steel plate with laser-cut stars is absolutely brilliant!

Korona K1 Email

When you are as gifted as Stepan Sarpaneva for watch designs, even the simplest three-hand model can become an aesthetic masterpiece. No fancy moon on the Korona K1 line and yet the end product is pure Sarpaneva. There are unmistakable influences of Scandinavian design is this classic timepiece that also appears extremely contemporary.

The Korona K1 Email is a tribute to his late father and centuries of enamelling in fine watchmaking. With a pristine white enamel dial fired to perfection, the Finnish watchmaker goes back to the same material his father Pentti Sarpaneva used to start his own incredible career as a jewellery designer more than 50 years ago.

The razor-sharp hands and brushed stainless steel ring with blue accents are in perfect sync with this watchmaker’s style and bring a unique character to this refined model crafted in red gold and mounted on a brown alligator strap. Limited to 8 pieces this is the perfect classic watch with a nice twist and an outstanding finish.

Stepan Sarpaneva has indeed spared no efforts in producing these new timepieces and one must see one of these watches up close to realize the amount of time and attention to details that goes into his hand-made beauties.

Stepan Sarpaneva presenting his collection

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