Photo Report: RJ-Romain Jerome Nose Art Collection (live pics)

By Thierry Ané on May 17, 2014

Just before Basel, I presented the Nose Art–DNA CollectionFlash News: RJ-Romain Jerome Nose Art–DNA Collection that RJ-Romain Jerome officially unveiled during the fair. We were of course able to experience the watches first-hand during our visit to the brand’s stand and, since we were particularly impressed by their great look, I could not resist discussing them again on Watch Agora and bring back some live pictures.

I refer you to my previous articleFlash News: RJ-Romain Jerome Nose Art–DNA Collection or to the technical files at the bottom of this brief post if you want to learn more about these two timepieces. For now, let me just refresh your memory on the most important features of this Nose Art collection.

This new capsule line is inspired by air travel and combat-pilots’ secret talismans and has embedded DNA from the famous “Pink Lady” Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft. Two versions of this chronograph watch are offered: one with a black PVD stainless steel case and another one combining this material with red gold. The first one comes with a black leather NATO-like strap, while the other has the same type of strap, but grey.

The former features a traditional green and brown camouflage dial while the latter offers the same disguise look in shades of grey. What makes each model unique though is the presence of an individually painted pinup girl hidden away on the case back.

One of the 100 combinations

There are a total of 10 different pinup girls and the same number of girl names yielding potentially 100 combinations. Each version (all-black or black PVD steel and red gold) being limited to 99 pieces, one could consider each watch as unique. The black model retails for US$ 12,500 and the one with red gold costs US$ 15,950.

There will be additional NATO-like straps available

Although I had my mind set on my favourite pinup girl, I was more hesitant about the names and could absolutely not decide between the two versions, all-black or with red gold! But that is also part of the fun: once you have made your decision, you end up with a watch that feels entirely made just for you…

I hope you enjoy our live pictures of these models and be sure to contact your usual RJ-Romain Jerome retailer now if you want to be able to select the combination that best reflects your personality.

For a technical description of the timepieces and additional pictures: