Watches: Linde Werdelin Oktopus II MoonLite Colourless ALW (+live pics)

By Thierry Ané on May 28, 2014

When mainstream brands are presenting dozens of new models during Baselworld, most independent watchmakers usually unveil just a few novelties. It does not mean, however, that a visit to one of them is any less exciting. To the contrary, and maybe because they have less timepieces to focus on, they usually refine every detail of the models they present and only offer extremely accomplished products that brilliantly reflect all the brand’s values and know-how.

Linde Werdelin’s introductions for 2014 are the perfect example of the seriousness and talent of an independent brand. The brand only showcased three new models in Basel this year, but what a show! Regular readers of Watch Agora probably remember my recent article about the new SpidoSpeed modelsWatches: Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed Green & Rose Gold Black (+live pics) in black DLC titanium with forged carbon or rose gold. These two models are absolutely stunning and I really encourage new readers and those of you who have not read this post to have a look at this past article if only to browse our live pictures: they should be enough for you to agree that the brand did a fantastic job with these skeletonized dials and make you want to buy one of them.

The subject of this article is thus Linde Werdelin’s last Baselworld introduction: the Oktopus II MoonLite. I am sure all of you will agree that it is as impressive as the SpidoSpeed models and, like me, many of you will even consider it to be the most spectacular model from this creative brand this year.

Linde Werdelin’s offer is divided into two lines: the Spido and the Oktopus. The latter only included three-hand timepieces with a large date indication until last year when the Oktopus II Moon was unveiled. Crafted in black DLC titanium with either rose gold or black ceramic, this beautiful three-hand watch features a unique moon phase complication developed in-house. The multi-layer skeletonized dial reveals the current stage of the moon as well as the upcoming and past lunar stages using a disc with photorealistic moon illustrations. Covered with luminescent material, the little moons glow and mimic the light reflected from the moon’s surface.

Later in 2013, the brand offered a surprising rose gold and black ceramic version of this watch named the Oktopus II Moon Tattoo with maritime tattoo-like engraving on the case. Aesthetically, though, the new Oktopus II MoonLite unveiled at the fair this year is undoubtedly the most cutting-edge interpretation of the Oktopus II so far.

What makes it so special is the material used for the 44 x 45 mm case, called colourless ALW. The name stands for “Alloy Linde Werdelin” and unfortunately there is not much I can tell you on this proprietary alloy except that it is more than twice as hard as steel and has half the weight of titanium. For this reason, the Oktopus II MoonLite is the lightest watch ever made by the brand, weighing in at an impressive 62.5 grams.

The technical properties of any new material used for a watch construction are definitely extremely important but, let us be very honest here, what really matters to most customers is the aesthetic aspect of this material. The colourless ALW has a nacreous, pearlescent grey hue that is absolutely unique and quite hypnotic. It shimmers and reflects its immediate surroundings at the same time, making it quite unsettling. It also goes perfectly with a timepiece showcasing a moon phase complication as the colour of the case may suggest the worrying colour of the moon.

It is paired with a white rubber strap that fits perfectly with the iridescent greyish shade of the case. The luminescent material on the “3”, “9”, and “12” Arabic numerals of the dial and on the hands is also white to create a nice harmony with the strap. Like all the other models from this line, the case back is engraved with a nice octopus motif and the watch is water-resistant to a depth of 300 meters.

One really needs to see the watch in person to fully appreciate how beautiful and unique this model is. Once you have wrapped it around your wrist, it is extremely difficult to take it out. Fifty nine units of the Oktopus II MoonLite will be produced with a sticker price of CHF 18,000. It is a fine piece of watchmaking with an original moon phase complication and an equally out-of-the-ordinary case material: the perfect watch for the summer season!

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