Flash News: RJ-Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Steampunk Auto Colours

By Thierry Ané on June 3, 2014

Design has always been one of RJ-Romain Jerome’s strong points. Since the very first Titanic-DNA model, the brand has managed to play on all sorts of legends in order to create highly desirable and graphically unique timepieces. With its retro-futuristic design and an uncompromising 50 mm case, though, the brand’s Steampunk collection undoubtedly features the most cutting-edge aesthetic.

The automatic models, the chronograph versions or even the tourbillon rely on the same successful sturdy “industrial” look. It is achieved by the absence of a dial, the presence of oversized XII and VI Roman numerals, four screwed-down pistons holding the movement in place and a reference to a ship’s propeller either through the small seconds disc on the Automatic models or replacing the VI numeral on the Chronograph version.

Naturally, like all other models from the Titanic-DNA collection, these Steampunk watches showcase authentic stabilised and oxidised steel retrieved from the Titanic wreck and melted with new steel in the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast where the legendary ship was built a century ago. What makes the Steampunk models so characteristic, though, is that whether red gold-, rhodium- or ruthenium-coloured, the face of the watch retains a raw and rough industrial feel.

Last year, however, the brand managed to add some colour to the dial and strap of the he Chronograph model without altering the essence of the watch. Available in blue, green, orange, red or yellow, the Steampunk Chrono Colours simply added a summery touch to an otherwise retro-futuristic timepiece.

Building on the success of these colourful interpretations of the Steampunk model, RJ-Romain Jerome now launches the “Steampunk Auto Colours” series. The six versions share the same black PVD steel case and a black nickel-coloured movement. Mounted on a black alligator strap secured with a black PVD steel folding buckle, these intriguing watches would be entirely black if it weren't for the presence of red, orange, yellow, white, green or blue lacquered oversized XII and VI Roman numerals. The “RJ” logo appliqué on the mainplate, the rubber ring on the crown and the stitches of the strap are also red, orange, yellow, white, green or blue depending on the model.

The presence of this unique and very strong colour on an otherwise “all-black” openwork model somehow enhances the general sense of depth of this very graphic model. For me, the white is a little plain relative to the other versions and the green is my absolute favourite. In all honesty though, it is just a matter of colour preference and all versions are absolutely stunning. These are great watches for this summer! Each version is limited to 99 pieces and retails for US$ 16,950 or €13,950.