Photo Report: HYT H2 Blue Titanium and White Gold and H2 Red Titanium and Platinum

By Thierry Ané on June 8, 2014

Just before Baselworld, I briefly presented the two new H2 modelsFlash News: HYT H2 Blue Titanium and White Gold and H2 Red Titanium and Platinum in titanium paired with white gold or platinum that HYT officially unveiled during the fair.

I refer you to this previous article and to the technical files below if you want to learn more about these stunning timepieces. Today, I just would like to bring you the live pictures we made in Basel. Since there is only one official picture for each model, this will allow you to better realise how beautiful they really are.

As a quick reminder, the H2 is the most advanced model developed by the brand. It features a movement developed in collaboration with Renaud & Papi. Its architecture is unique and immediately recognisable thanks to the two pistons in a “V” configuration and the escapement suspended under a titanium bridge at 12 o’clock. In addition to using luxurious metal for these new models, the brand also introduced two new liquid colours: blue for the white gold version and red for the model with platinum.

The H2 Blue Titanium and White Gold is limited to 20 pieces and only 14 exemplars of the H2 Red Titanium and Platinum will be produced. They are respectively priced at $160,000 and $190,000.

For a technical description of the timepieces and additional pictures: