Flash News: RJ-Romain Jerome H9C-DNA Collection (+live pics)

By Thierry Ané on June 25, 2014

If you walked by RJ-Romain Jerome’s stand at Baselworld 2014, you might have been sufficiently intrigued by the “Augmented Reality” device, strategically located at the entrance, to stop by for a while and virtually try on some of the brand’s timepieces. This state-of-the-art technology was not the only surprise for the visitors curious enough to explore every nook and cranny of this booth: in a secluded room with black walls and subdued light sat a WLC 1943 Harley Davidson 750cc revamped by Swiss-based custom motorbike manufacturer HardNine Choppers.

This beautiful motorcycle originally owned by the Canadian Army has been entirely reworked by Danny Schneider, a world-class custom motorbike builder. The customization process took six months and included the manual reshaping of the fenders, gas and oil tank, the front fork, and the exhaust pipe. The original engine has also been reconditioned and the motorbike has been hand-painted in a purple metal flake colour highlighted by hand-drawn pinstripes on both sides of the gas tank, the fenders and the front fork.

This piece of mechanical art did catch our attention but the RJ-Romain Jerome team was very evasive on the reason why it was on display at the fair. We obviously understood it was related to a new partnership but were not able to extract more information from our contacts. Today, though, the mystery is finally solved as RJ-Romain Jerome unveils the H9C-DNA collection.

This new “Capsules” line is actually composed of two models: the H9C-DNA Red Gold & Black PVD Steel, a unique piece that will be sold with the customized Harley Davidson bike, and the H9C-DNA Speed Metal Steel & Black PVD Steel model produced in a limited run of only 9 pieces.

These models are in fact customized versions of the Skylab Red Metal Black PVD Steel and Red Gold and Skylab Speed Metal Steel and Black PVD Steel introduced in 2013. They share the same 44 mm case in black PVD steel with red gold bezel or steel with black PVD steel bezel depending on the model. Like last year’s versions, the new watches are equipped with the manually-wound RJ004-M calibre. This extremely contemporary skeleton movement showcases clean geometric lines revealing all the watch’s inner parts and a trendy black finish.

For the H9C-DNA models, this refined skeleton structure has been adorned with a skull appliqué and the watches have been mounted on a black “guidoline” calfskin leather strap. Needless to say, skulls and perforated leather are strong biker symbol in perfect sync with the WLC 1943 Harley that inspired these stunning watches. On the unique H9C-DNA Red Gold & Black PVD Steel model, the skull has been hand-painted with the same purple metal flake colour as the bike whereas the aluminium skull received a ruthenium finish for the H9C-DNA Speed Metal Steel & Black PVD Steel version.

Both watches looks great but I obviously prefer the unique piece as this glittering purple skull is very unusual and works perfectly with the red gold of the bezel and black of the movement. Unfortunately, even if you were interested and ready to spend the CHF 110,000 required to buy the watch and the bike, you are already too late: the brand informed us that this unique set has already been sold! If you spend CHF 17,950, though, you can still buy the H9C-DNA Speed Metal Steel & Black PVD Steel model… provided you do not hesitate for too long as the nine pieces should find their owners very quickly!

The last 4 pictures are courtesy of stemutz.com.