Watches: Arnold & Son TE8 Tourbillon Métiers d'Art II

By Thierry Ané on July 23, 2014

With its “Royal Collection”, Arnold & Son offers a vibrant tribute to the earlier part of John Arnold’s life with magnificent timepieces that beautifully blend state-of-the-art technology with the sophisticated elegance of a pure English-inspired design.

From the astounding purity of the HMS1 Royal Blue that still conveys all the refinement of the inimitable English style, to the poetic beauty of the HM Perpetual Moon that offers one of the most elegant and realistic moon phase displays on the market, or even to the sensational mechanical transparency of the TB88 Inside Out that captivates even the most jaded watch aficionados, all the models of this astonishing collection perfectly manage to express the timeless elegance of Arnold & Son’s style and the brand’s unrivalled technical expertise.

For the watch purists, one model in particular bears all the distinctive elements of the brand’s watchmaking mastery: the TE8 Tourbillon introduced in 2012. This openwork model with a distinctive three-fourths wave-shaped barrel bridge available with a black ruthenium treatment or an even more refined version treated in rose gold houses a complex “inverted” tourbillon movement with all the technical elements of the escapement placed on the dial side and not hidden on the back to enhance the visual appeal of the watch. This A&S8000 calibre also showcases a unique symmetrical design. Indeed, the barrel spring and the tourbillon cage are centred along the watch’s longitudinal axis with gear trains in the middle.

In 2013, Arnold & Son selected this outstanding example of Haute Horology to demonstrate the brand’s traditional prowess in another aspect of watchmaking: the decorative arts. The in-house master engraver created a new pattern composed of complex geometrical elements to adorn the barrel bridge and the back of the main plate. The engraving of this masterpiece is particularly painstaking as the movement is made of German silver and not usual brass. This TE8 Tourbillon Métiers d'Art I brought together the very best of Fine Watchmaking with the most exquisite decorative techniques to create a precious model limited to just 8 pieces.

Today Arnold & Son unveils the second masterpiece of its “Métiers d’Art” saga: the stunning TE8 Tourbillon Métiers d'Art II crafted in red gold this time (the first one was in rose gold) and also limited to just 8 pieces. Just like last year’s model, this exceptional timepiece is powered by the A&S8000 calibre and offers the same type of aesthetics as its predecessor. The difference is in the refined motif painstakingly hand-engraved on the barrel bridge and the back of the main plate. Once again, the talented engraver created a unique pattern in perfect harmony with the English origins of this timepiece. It is composed of complex geometrical elements arising from the centre of the movement and conceived as a bas-relief to increase the three-dimensional effect.

It goes without saying that every part of this 44 mm TE8 Tourbillon Métiers d'Art II received the utmost attention: the superlative finish meets the highest standards of Haute Horology. Like every Arnold & Son creation, this timepiece is both a sensational technical achievement and a demonstration of the brand’s aesthetic sense. The perfect timepiece for discerning watch collectors looking for innovative technology, exceptional craftsmanship, timeless elegance, and exclusivity.

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