Flash News: Grieb & Benzinger Tailor-Made Timepieces

By Thierry Ané on July 31, 2014

Geman high-end watch brand Grieb & Benziger does not care for large series and mass-production. In fact, their speciality is at the opposite side on the spectrum: bespoke timepieces. The Black Tulip Sabudha Imperial released in 2013 caught the eye of discerning collectors in the Middle East and ever since, the talented watchmakers of this small manufacture have worked hard to create tailor-made pieces that combine the very best of Fine Watchmaking with the most exquisite decorative techniques.

Not so long ago, for the end of the holy month of Ramadan, one lucky watch collector received a magnificent gift: the Green Inspiration, a magnificent 43 mm time-only timepiece crafted in platinum. The watch features the usual Grieb & Benziger case with a hand-guilloché bezel and a grooved onion-shaped crown. It is mounted on a black alligator strap with green stitches and a platinum buckle.

The most eye-catching part of the watch is of course its refined customised dial that pays tribute to Islam. The base is a stunning green-coloured radiating guilloché work expertly handcrafted. It is framed by a platinum flange with green and black dot markers for the minutes track. In the middle of the dial, two overlapping platinum discs form the hours and small seconds counters. The former uses Arabic numerals while the latter showcases the same two-tone dots as the flange.

Surely the owner must have shown this exceptional model to his fellow collectors and this must have aroused their interest as Grieb & Benziger already unveils another such tailor-made model for yet another Middle East customer. Whereas the first collector wanted a tribute to Islam, the second was inspired by the shimmering colours of the Arabian Sea. The German watchmakers were thus asked to capture the changing hues of the crystal-clear blue water as well as the warmth brought by the scintillating rays of sunlight.

The choice of rose gold for the case seemed therefore appropriate this time and in homage of the dazzling light found in this region, the brand added some Princess-cut diamonds on the bezel. The beautiful hand-made guilloché of the Pharos Al Arab Imperial retains the same motif as for the Green Inspiration but this time it is achieved in a beautiful shade of blue with metallic grey accents. The flange and the two discs are of course in the same rose gold as the case and although Arabic numerals are also used for the hours ring, the green dots of the minutes track of the Green Inspiration are now replaced by Arabic numerals. Lastly, the strap is now in blue alligator secured by a rose gold buckle.

Both the Green Inspiration and the Pharos Al Arab Imperial are powered by a manually-wound movement manufactured in the brand’s workshops. It is fully skeletonized by hand and can of course be admired through the sapphire crystal on the back. For all the watch collectors interested in such customised timepieces but wondering about the cost, the price tag for the Green Inspiration was around €65,000 while the watch collector that ordered the Pharos Al Arab Imperial paid around €82,000.

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