Flash News: HYT H1 Dracula

By Thierry Ané on August 7, 2014

After the immaculate H1 Iceberg unveiled a little earlier in the year, HYT presents the second truly customised limited edition of its very first model, the H1 Hydro Mechanics introduced in 2012. Naturally, one could argue that considering the overall production, every watch produced by this small but very dynamic Swiss luxury brand is in some ways a special edition. But the two timepieces mentioned above are in fact the only ones created with a thematic in mind.

In both instances, the name is self-explanatory and the end-result perfectly faithful to the proclaimed theme. The clever blend of white and blue colours with the cold hue of titanium perfectly evokes the icebergs and glaciers in the Artic. The H1 Iceberg is without contest my favourite H1 model so far and undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking “white watches” introduced this year together with the following selectionWatches: A Selection of “white watches” for this summer. You can read more about the H1 Iceberg and another great-looking model, namely the H1 Velvet Gun, in this recent articleFlash News: HYT H1 Iceberg and Velvet Gun.

As the name implies, the H1 Dracula plunges us into the world of Count Dracula, the most famous vampire, immortalised in a gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram Stoker in 1897. Today, vampires are definitely trendy: they are present in countless TV series and film sagas and the vampire literary genre probably counts more books every year than any other! This particular theme was thus a very clever choice and also an extremely appropriate one for the new “red liquid” introduced by the brand last year with the H1 Red2 and used this year in the H2 line with the amazing H2 Red in titanium and platinum (find out more with our photo reportPhoto Report: HYT H2 Blue Titanium and White Gold and H2 Red Titanium and Platinum).

The mysterious side of the 48.80 mm titanium case with a black DLC treatment is emphasised by the presence of a gloomy black openwork dial only brightened by a few drops of bloody red. It is used for the minutes track on the small minutes sub-dial at 12 o’clock with grey indexes and numerals filled with white luminescent material. It is picked up on the power reserve indicator at 2:30 as well as on the small seconds wheel at 9:30 but it is nowhere as striking as in the liquid tube used to indicate the hours. As the hours go by and the liquid moves, we truly have the impression of blood flowing through the veins!

The last element that truly pays tribute to the mystical habitants of Transylvania is the strap of the watch. Apart from black textile for the H1 Hydro Mechanics in titanium and rubberized alligator on the H2 Hydro Mechanics in black DLC titanium and on the H1 Velvet Gun, the brand usually sticks to rubber for the strap of its impressive timepieces. This time, not only did they use alligator skin but they also selected a very sophisticated model: The beautiful alligator strap has been treated so that the grooves of its scales reveal traces of red just like blood running through veins! The effect is really striking and the strap oozes excellent craftsmanship.

All in all, the H1 Dracula is a perfectly accomplished model that cleverly conveys the theme it is supposed to evoke. In the flesh, the watch looks really great and it is sufficiently different from previous models for owners of HYT watches to still be interested in this H1 Dracula series of 50 pieces priced at US$ 64,000.

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