Flash News: Arnold & Son New TE8 Tourbillon Models

By Thierry Ané on September 19, 2014

There are two models of timepieces featuring the epitome of Haute Horlogerie, namely a tourbillon escapement, in Arnold & Son’s Royal Collection. They both combine the very best of Swiss watchmaking tradition and English-inspired styling but still manage to have a unique personality: technically or aesthetically, these models could not be more different and perfectly exemplify the incredible technical know-how and the spot-on sense of style of this impressive manufacture.

As its name implies, the Royal TEC1 Tourbillon Chronograph combines two extremely sought-after complications in Fine Watchmaking: a tourbillon escapement and a chronograph function. Highly complex and a testament to Arnold & Son’s horological expertise, this refined model is also the brand’s tribute to classic English aesthetics. The watch features an extremely pure and unobstructed dial despite the chronograph function with elegant faceted hour markers and hands and a small seconds counter at 6 o’clock facing a large aperture at 12 o'clock to showcase a delightful double-arrowed bridge holding the tourbillon cage.

The Royal TEC1 Tourbillon Chronograph has only been introduced this year but already boasts three interpretations: a palladium version with silvery white dial and a white gold model with its anthracite face as well as the splendid 250th anniversary piece with the blue lacquered guilloché dial.

With an openwork face showcasing the main plate and an unusual “inverted” movement construction that leaves most of the technical elements and visually interesting features of the calibre visible from the dial side, the TE8 Tourbillon proves how bold and cutting-edge the English style can be. Arnold & Son introduced this model back in 2012 with two 25-piece limited editions in rose gold featuring a black ruthenium or a rose golden treated movement.

This extremely graphic timepiece immediately met the success it deserved and not surprisingly, this symbol of leading-edge technology and avant-garde design was the one selected for the brand's Métiers d'Art I interpretation in 2013 with a hand-engraved German silver movement. This breakthrough in decorative arts was followed by the Métiers d'Art II earlier this year with the same kind of silver movement but featuring a different hand-engraved pattern (see my previous articleWatches: Arnold & Son TE8 Tourbillon Métiers d'Art II on the subject).

This month Arnold & Son expands the stunning TE8 Tourbillon saga with two more models. The first one boasts a red gold case and showcases a movement with rhodium treated bridges and NAC grey treated main plate. The other model also houses the A&S8000 manually-wound calibre but with NAC grey treated bridges and a black ruthenium treated main plate in a white gold frame.

I refer you to the technical files in the database or to the presentation of the TE8 Tourbillon Métiers d'Art IIWatches: Arnold & Son TE8 Tourbillon Métiers d'Art II for more details on the movement construction of this 44 mm timepiece. I will just add that the new red gold and white gold models are as beautiful as their predecessors and obviously share the same superlative finish. Each version is limited to just 25 pieces adding exclusivity to technical and aesthetic perfection!

For more information please visit the Arnold & Son web site.

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