Watches: MeisterSinger Circularis Collection

By Thierry Ané on October 31, 2014

It has been a while since I have talked about MeisterSinger on Watch Agora and I am really pleased to have the opportunity to discuss this extremely interesting brand again. Without huge media coups and away from the general public awareness, but not from that of die-hard watch enthusiasts, this small German brand produces high quality Swiss-made classic watches with a high-end design and a particularly interesting twist: the use of a single hand to indicate the hours and minutes.

Slowly but surely, they have built a beautiful collection of “Single-Hand Watches” that are timeless and utterly original at the same time and have also managed to spice things up a little bit with the “Single-Hand Watches with Function” line, a series of watches adding a complication to the single-hand without losing the uncluttered aesthetics they are known for.

Among this latter category, let me mention here the exciting Salthora Jumping HoursWatches: MeisterSinger Salthora Jumping Hours (+live pics) series introduced at Baselworld 2014 and presented on our web site with live pictures. Sensu stricto, this elegant model that comes in 4 variations is no longer a “single-hand” watch as the central hand is a classic minute hands and the hours are given in a window at noon thanks to a jumping module developed by the brand. It is more of a regulator without small seconds, but it is aesthetically in line with the brand’s other products.

The new step of the MeisterSinger story is not a new development around this “single-hand” idea but rather a back to basics, but this time, with a movement entirely developed and produced for the new collection named “Circularis”. Come to think of it, this was the natural next step for this quality-oriented brand with unique design ideals.

In this direction, the quest for Manufacture status has become an important marketing argument in the watch industry. But most of the time, it is just that and MeisterSinger made the smart move in still relying on a long-lasting partner, a Biel-based manufacturer, to develop a new movement from scratch that meets the sophisticated technical standards of both companies as well as the design imperatives of Manfred Brassler, the founder of MeisterSinger.

The new 32.7 x 5.4 mm MSH01 calibre has been thought with subsequent watch concepts in mind and represents already a real technical achievement. This manually-wound movement uses twin mainspring barrels to offer a particularly impressive 5-day power reserve. They are mounted in-series to guarantee a smoother power delivery to the mechanism and provide a higher degree of power precision throughout the 5-day period. In addition, since a single, long hour hand needs to run with particular precision, a dial train with spring wheel was integrated in the movement to minimise the backlash of the hand. Lastly, let me mention that the assortment too has been specially developed for this movement design resulting in a guaranteed independence for the design of further products in this line.

Design-wise, the movement is also unique and reflects Manfred Brassler’s out-of-the-box aesthetic sense. What makes it particularly different is the highly unusual geometry of the bridge that looks like a sophisticated three-blade ninja throwing star. Its cut-out parts let you admire the two barrels and the escapement. The desire to offer a unique and great-looking appearance in addition to a high-technical standard is also obvious in the general finishing. The “ninja” bridge boasts an elaborate circular finish and mirror-polished bevels. All the engravings are in gold and the bridge and other components are fixed to the main plate with beautiful blued screws.

Such a refined movement deserved the creation of a brand new collection and the “Circularis” is the perfect way to pay tribute to this big step for the brand. There are three models already in the line, each with a different but equally great appeal. They all share the same 43 mm stainless steel case with a newly designed extra-large crown for easy winding and a steel folding buckle.

The first iteration combines an elegant ivory dial with dark brown alligator while another version matches a silvery-white sunburst dial with a cognac-coloured brown alligator strap. These two models represent the most classic options in the line. The last interpretation has a more assertive character with the mixture of a beautiful blue sunburst dial and a cognac alligator strap. All three models should be available this month.

If you are in search for a robust and reliable timepiece whose originality goes beyond the dial’s design and extends to the movement itself, the “Circularis” could very well be the perfect watch for you. All you have to do is choose which version best fits your personality!

For more information please visit the MeisterSinger web site.

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