Watches: RJ-Romain Jerome Berlin-DNA

By Thierry Ané on November 17, 2014

Contacts with the Super-LumiNova C1 with blue or green emissions must be an energy booster as RJ-Romain Jerome is unveiling new models at a lightning speed since they started using this white version of Super-LumiNova that produces coloured emissions in the dark!

Hardly a week ago, I introduced our readers to the gorgeous Día de los Muertos ResucitadoWatches: RJ-Romain Jerome Día de los Muertos Resucitado series where the material with blue emission is used on the hands of the timepieces. Not long before that, the iconoclast brand was introducing the regressive Batman-DNA able to wake up the kid in all of us and make our children crazy jealous! Here again, the matte black surface surrounding the Batman appliqué produces striking blue emissions when the light disappears just like the hands of the watch.

Today, we are again discussing RJ-Romain Jerome for a new addition to the "Historical Icons" sub-line in the "Collaborations" collection: the Berlin-DNA using the material again as we will see in a minute. This is the third model (and technically sixth watch if you count all the “Día de los Muertos Resucitado” pieces) unveiled in less than a month! On the eve of the festive end-of-the-year period, the brand is clearly positioning itself as the most productive and creative. So much the better for all the watch aficionados as the timepieces introduced are truly stunning…

The latest addition to “DNA of Famous Legends” story pays tribute to a true symbol of modern times very much like the first model presented by the brand did incorporating parts of the Titanic shipwreck on its dial (charcoal) or rusted bezel (steel). At the time, the Titanic-DNA triggered a heated debate as to whether it was respectful let alone tasteful to incorporate pieces of such a tragedy into a watch. The Berlin Wall is also something people have been passionate about for many years before its fall and using parts of it for a watch somehow brings us back to the origins of the Romain Jérôme brand and the ideas of the very talented Yvan Arpa.

Like many of its siblings, the Berlin-DNA is presented in the brand’s round 46 mm case in stainless steel with a black PVD coating and here with a black ceramic bezel held by the characteristic four paws. It is mounted on a finely crafted black horn-back alligator strap secured by a folding buckle in black PVD steel and houses the time-only RJ001-A self-winding movement we have discussed many times. The power reserve is about 42 hours and the water resistance is limited to just 30 meters. What differentiates the Berlin-DNA from other models is of course the customised dial and case back.

Before presenting them any further, let me mention here that art of the proceeds from the sale of this 25-piece limited edition will help the East Side Gallery in Berlin preserve the longest open air art exhibition in the world. For those who do not know, after the reunification of Germany in 1990, the East Side Gallery brought together 118 artists from around the world to paint 1.3 km along the east side of the wall. They show their support by expressing their art and emotions directly on the wall and this historical monument threatened by pollution, vandalism or destruction requires funding to be preserved.

The case back of the watch uses one of the most famous art pieces of this East Side Gallery to adorn a medallion: “The Brother Kiss” by Russian artist Dmitri Vrubel showing Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and East German President Erich Honnecker kissing each other. The face of the watch is all due to the creativity of the RJ-Romain Jerome design team. The grey dial features a beautiful 3-dimensional rendition of a section of Berlin streets and buildings with the route of the Wall in red and the Spree River in blue.

Thanks to the collaboration with the East Side Gallery, the brand was able to collect fragments of the Wall and incorporate them inside the dial in the same spirit as what they have done with the Titanic, the Moon dust, the bronze from the Statue of Liberty or the ashes of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano. The entire dial has been worked in Super-LumiNova allowing the streets and open spaces of the city to light up in the dark. The Super-Luminova C1 of the Wall’s outline makes beautiful green emissions in the dark while those of the Spree River remain vivid blue creating a stunning show.

The Berlin-DNA is a great way of celebrating the Berlin Wall in general and helping the East Side Gallery preserve this unique and historically-relevant open art exhibition. Once again, RJ-Romain Jerome has shown the extent of their expertise in creating stunning complex 3-dimensional dials. This great-looking watch will retail for US$ 15,950 and you will find the price in other currencies in the Watch Agora database or on our always useful iPhone/iPad app Watches of 2014.

For more information please visit the RJ-Romain Jerome web site.

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