Flash News: HYT H1 Sand Barth

By Thierry Ané on December 15, 2014

Saint Barthélemy, or more affectionately referred to as St. Barths, is a French overseas jewel located at the heart of the Caribbean, known for its incredible weather, crystal-clear water and above all pristine white sand beaches.

For those of you who have not been there yet, the luxury five-star resorts of this little island should be added to your “places to go” list. All those who have, surely remember these beautiful light blue and white-golden colour contrasts and probably wish they were able to pack some of these summery reminders in their luggage and bring them home for a ray of joy on rainy days.

This is exactly what HYT has done with their new [watch H1 Sand Barth]. First of all, you have the blue liquid already seen on the great-looking H1 Iceberg that illuminates the silver-toned openworked dial and serves as an obvious reference to the Caribbean Sea. Then, and most originally, there is the new material especially developed for the case of this 25-piece limited edition.

Called polyepoxyde, it is in fact a unique resin composition that incorporates a few grains of sand from the Anse du Gouverneur in St. Barths and therefore allows you to carry a small part of the world’s most beautiful beach all year round on your wrist. The brand already experimented with this type of material for the equally stunning H1 AZO Project in 2013 but bring it to a new level with the addition of sand this year.

From a technical standpoint, this new material brings an element of lightness to the watch with ground-breaking properties : 7 times lighter than stainless steel, 4 times lighter than titanium but 3 times more resistant. Aesthetically it has a very distinctive look that recalls the sand but remains understated enough for a watch of this high-end category. Emotionally, it will let your imagination wander every time you look at your wrist and will bring you back to the happy memories of your last visit to this island or any exotic vacation for that matter!

To complement this gorgeous creation, you can either opt for an extremely laid-back and summery white rubber strap or a more refined black rubberized alligator with blue stitches. After the amazing H1 Iceberg and H1 Dracula presented earlier this year, I am delighted to see that HYT continues the good work with stunning limited editions of their first hydro-mechanical model. All in all, this is a nice and very exclusive rendition of the H1 model that you can get for CHF 65,000.

For more information please visit the HYT Watches web site.

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