Watches: Panerai Luminor 1950 Sealand Year of the Goat (PAM848) (+live pics)

By Thierry Ané on January 8, 2015

In the race the be the first watch brand to complete the Chinese Zodiac menagerie, Officine Panerai took the lead in 2009 by starting the series with the Year of the Ox when almost all major watch manufactures surprisingly jumped on the bandwagon only in 2013 with the “Year of the Snake”.

After the Year of the Ox (2009), the Year of the Tiger (2010), the Year of the Rabbit (2011), the Year of the Dragon (2012), the Year of the Snake (2013) and the Year of the Horse (2014), it will come as no surprise that the Swiss manufacture will officially present its interpretation of the Year of the Goat during the SIHH 2015!

The Panerai Sealand for the Chinese Zodiac so far

The spirit of this wonderful “Chinese Zodiac” saga is inherited from the Luminor BlackSeal (PAM076) introduced in 2002 with the very first series of “Panerai for Purdey” models (Lion, Woodcock, 4 Birds, and Flowers). A hunter lid was added to the Luminor case and exquisitely hand-engraved by Purdey in the same style as the adornments found of the prestigious hunting rifles.

The first series of “Panerai for Purdey” watches

This association with Purdey was followed by three runs of dedicated models: the Tiger, Elephant, and Lion in 2004, the Lion, Eagle, and Hawk in 2005 as well as the Lion, Elephant, and Bison in 2007.To be fully exhaustive, one has to mention the tribute to Jules Verne presented in 2005 and falling in the same category.

with the lid open, the dial appears

So far, the major difference between all earlier models and the ”Chinese Zodiac” series that debuted in 2009 was that Officine Panerai has now stopped working with Purdey for the engraving work and uses an Italian craftsman instead for the gold-inlaid engraving. The motifs are hand-engraved then the grooves are inlaid with gold threads hammered layer by layer until the desired effect is achieved.

The latest addition to the series also features two exciting changes compared to previous models. The first one is clearly stated in its full name: the Luminor 1950 Sealand Year of the Goat. This is indeed the very first “Sealand” model with a Luminor 1950 case. Then, one will have to flip the watch over to discover the second novelty: a sapphire crystal to reveal the in-house P.9000 calibre that replaces the OP III (Unitas) used since the very first Luminor BlackSeal model.

No doubt that the hard-core Paneristi will appreciate these substantial changes and even though the goat does not sound like the most exciting animal of all, the 100 units of this Luminor 1950 Sealand Year of the Goat should sell even faster than usual!

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