Flash News: HYT H1 Cigar

By Thierry Ané on February 18, 2015

Faithful Watch Agora readers may remember the H1 Sand Barth that I presented in a small articleFlash News: HYT H1 Sand Barth last December. This exciting addition to HYT’s H1 collection was the second model of the brand to combine “polyepoxyde” with titanium for the case after the flashy H1 AZO Project introduced in 2013.

Not only is this high-tech resin solid enough to be used as a case component (even on the very exposed bezel), but it also offers countless customisation possibilities. Indeed, when moulded into the shape of watch components, additional components can be added to this transparent material to enhance its appearance and tell a story at the same time.

The original H1 AZO Project played the “fluorescent” vibe but with the inclusion of sand from the beaches of St Barth, the H1 Sand Barth revealed the full potential of this resin: creating stunning limited editions that are not just satisfied with alluding to a place or a product but truly make it part of the watch by incorporating it into the case is a visible way!

The new H1 Cigar uses the same recipe as leaves of Rodolfo Vitola’s cigars become apparent parts of the watch’s case. Bits of cigar leaves are caught for eternity into the polyepoxyde and seem to float in the resin components of the case.

The customisation does not end there, though, as the titanium parts of this case received a beautiful brown PVD coating that works perfectly with the cigar colour and the hue of the alligator strap. Even the open-worked dial showcases shades of brown in place of the usual silver colour. Circled in gold, the minutes sub-dial proudly displays the logo of La Casa Cubana in Singapore, the cigar bar with which this extremely exclusive edition of 8 pieces has been developed. A transfer on the sapphire crystal of the back also refers to Cuba

Although I don’t smoke and truly hate the smell of cigars, I really like this new H1 Cigar and would be delighted to wear it! The customisation is great and these shades of brown are absolutely stunning. The combination of polyepoxyde and cigar leaves is also a total success!

The overall concept is obviously brilliant and with this high-tech resin HYT now has a great way of creating truly exciting limited editions of all sorts to appeal to the many other passions of watch collectors. Well done!

For more information please visit the HYT web site.

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