Flash News: Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar and PanoReserve: New Models

By Thierry Ané on February 19, 2015

Mention Glashütte to a watch enthusiast and the first thing that will come to mind is the three-quarter plate, a typical feature of high-quality timepieces from this area. If you specify Glashütte Original, chances are this watch aficionado will also talk about the iconic “Pano Edition” series. These extremely appealing timekeepers with an off-centred time display and large date indication have somehow become one of the brand’s most identifiable trademarks.

Last year, this luxury brand updated the PanoMaticInverse model introducing the very first red gold and stainless steel versions of this legendary watch with a self-winding movement. But since 2012, nothing had changed for two other pillars of this “Pano Edition” collection, namely the PanoMaticLunar and the PanoReserve.

Both models existed in the catalogue with a stainless steel case and either a silver dial with black alligator strap or a superb ruthenium dial paired with a gorgeous grey nubuck alligator strap. The PanoMaticLunar and the PanoReserve could also be purchased in a more luxurious red gold rendition with a silver dial and mounted on brown alligator (click on the different technical files and the end of this article to (re)discover them). For Baselworld 2015, Glashütte Original adds two alternatives for each timepiece, one in stainless steel and the other in red gold bringing to 5 the itemisation of these successful models.

Let me start here with the PanoReserve. As the name implies, in addition to the off-centred time indication with small seconds counter and large date window, the manually-wound 65-01 calibre equipping these watches also offers a sectorial power reserve indication in full display on the dial. At 40 mm for a thickness of 11.70 mm, this watch offers classical proportions and a traditional overall design albeit extremely characteristic of this brand.

After a silver dial version, the red gold edition of the PanoReserve is now available with a galvanic black dial and a superb galvanic blue dial now complements the previously existing silver and ruthenium dials. The former is paired with black alligator while the steel model features a blue nubuck alligator strap in perfect harmony with the face of the watch.

Unlike the PanoReserve, the PanoMaticLunar is an automatic timepiece housing the brand’s 90-02 calibre. Even if you have never seen the previous red gold model with silver dial or the stainless steel iterations with silver or ruthenium faces, you have probably guessed that these models add a moon phase indication to the two overlapping sub-dials featuring respectively the hours and minutes and the small seconds.

Since everything makes sense and evolves in a very rational German way, you have also guessed that the two 2015 versions of the great PanoMaticLunar timepiece are a red gold model with a galvanic black dial and assorted alligator strap as well as a stainless steel version with a galvanic blue dial paired with blue nubuck alligator strap!

For sure, these new models do not bring a revolution to these PanoReserve and PanoMaticLunar lines! But it was absolutely not necessary: these watches have a stunning design and great movements inside: no technical or aesthetic upheaval was required, only a broader range to cater to the taste of every watch enthusiast. In this respect, the new introductions are really well-thought-out.

On the one hand, the black dials are quite classical but this is what you would expect for a luxurious red gold watch. Plus they are the perfect alternative to the existing silver dials as these two colours form the very base of traditional watch dials. On the other hand, the blue dials suit perfectly the sportier stainless steel cases and will appeal to a younger audience just like the ruthenium versions of 2012 did.

It seems clear that with Glashütte Original, everything is created for a reason. And this remarkable practicality is precisely what all watch aficionados love so much about this German brand…

For more information please visit the Glashütte Original web site.