Flash News: Arnold & Son Dial Side True Beat Steel

By Thierry Ané on February 23, 2015

At Watch Agora, we love Arnold & Son! This is no secret to our regular readers who know that I never miss an opportunity to present this brand’s remarkable creations. To my defence, let me just say that it would be very hard for a watch enthusiast and collector as I am not to fall in love with the beauty and above all originality of these timekeepers inspired by British Fine Watchmaking and Swiss traditional craftsmanship.

Although all models presented by this dynamic brand manage to strike my watchmaking chord, it is undeniably the ones from the “Instrument Collection” that impress me most and turn me into a complete groupie of the brand! They always manage to transform innovative technical achievements into sophisticated aesthetic components. Sébastien Chaulmontet, Head of Movement Development, and his team are building their own vision of Haute Horlogerie, away from the beaten track followed by other brands but with the utmost respect for traditional watchmaking and an uncompromising approach to finishing and decorations.

Quite understandably, this level of quality and innovation has a price and their stunning creations could remain way out of reach for many watch lovers, even though they are quite honestly not overpriced. Here again, another admirable thing about this young brand (I am only considering the rebirth of the brand with the arrival of Chaulmontet’s team here, not what the brand was before) is that they strive to make their creations affordable to the largest audience of watch aficionados by offering stainless steel versions of their iconic models in addition to the more luxurious gold interpretations.

To offer but a few examples, the sophisticated “True Beat Retrograde” or “TBR” with its central deadbeat seconds hand and retrograde serpentine date entered the market in 2012 in rose gold or stainless steel. If you liked the “DBG Equation GMT” presented the following year but could not afford the rose gold version, an equally sophisticated model with the two separate time zones could be bought in steel. Lastly, in 2014, the astonishing “Chronograph True Beat” featuring a central deadbeat seconds hand and a central sweeping chronograph seconds hand was offered in a choice of red gold or steel.

In other instances, though, the brand likes to make you wait a little bit for the more affordable version. All the watch lovers who admired the Time Pyramid Rose Gold in 2013 but would not consider buying a gold watch had to wait until 2014 to be able to wrap this original skeleton construction around their wrist in a stainless steel interpretation. This is exactly the same story with the amazing “Dial Side True Beat” presented last year in red gold for a limited edition of 50 pieces: the timepiece is now available in stainless steel in a limited run of 250 units!

The gold version the DSTB presented last year

The “Dial Side True Beat” is a mind-blowing creation that I have already discussed twice on Watch Agora. I wrote an initial articleWatches: Arnold & Son Dial Side True Beat when the watch was announced followed by a post-Basel 2014 coverageWatches: Arnold & Son Dial Side True Beat (live pics) including live pictures of the timepiece. I refer you to these previous articles to discover how the self-winding A&S6003 calibre pays homage to the deadbeat seconds’ mechanism by placing it on the dial side of the watch.

The Dial Side True Beat Steel is similar to the previous version with steel replacing red gold for the case, circle around the silvery opaline hours and minutes sub-dial, and the three bridges of the deadbeat mechanism. This time, the brand had the good idea of providing an official picture of the back of the watch that you can compare to our photographs of the back of the red gold model to see first-hand that apart from the obvious change from palladium-treated to NAC grey-treated movement, the quality of finishing and decorations is of the same exceptional standard.

Absolutely no concessions have been made with the Dial Side True Beat Steel: the watch is as outstanding as its red gold counterpart. It only reveals the genuine desire of a brand to offer more options to watch collectors. I will of course come back on this exciting novelty after Baselworld 2015 with our very own pictures and videos.

Close-up on the deadbeat seconds mechanism and the elevated sapphire seconds track on the dial of the gold version

We won’t fail to include a detailed report of all the other introductions and since it has become a habit of sort to offer the models in steel after they have been introduced in gold, maybe we can hope for a stainless steel version of the amazing Golden Wheel Red Gold introduced earlier this yearWatches: Arnold & Son Golden Wheel in a limited series of 125 pieces? Or will we have to wait until 2016?

For more information please visit the Arnold & Son web site.

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