Flash News: Bremont E-Type MKI & MKII

By Thierry Ané on February 26, 2015

Since the very beginning of their watchmaking journey, brothers Giles and Nick English have built the success of their luxury brand on meaningful partnerships inspiring enough to create beautiful no-nonsense timepieces with a compelling story to tell and a spot-on design.

Among the various clever collaborations, Bremont’s association with luxury car manufacturer Jaguar seemed perfectly natural if only for the British roots of both companies and really got off to a great start with the Lightweight E-Type presented last summer. My initial articleFlash News: Bremont Lightweight E-Type White Gold explained how the design team drew inspiration from the amazing aluminium-made “Lightweight E-Type” car produced in the sixties, that even Enzo Ferrari considered the most beautiful car in the world.

Six white gold timepieces were produced to complement the six “continuation” Lightweight E-Type sports cars currently being built by Jaguar. Many of their design codes were direct references to this legendary car. The black dial mimics the original rev counters of the car using the same font for the Arabic numerals and featuring a “red zone” quadrant similar to the one found on the RPM gauge.

At the six o’clock position, Bremont even placed the chassis number of the car below the “Jaguar Heritage” logo! An oscillating weight shaped like the Jaguar’s steering wheel and a blue strap with holes and white stitches using the same Connolly leather as the car’s upholstery completed the customisation work.

Although aficionados of both brands were instantly won over by the Lightweight E-Type, the exclusivity of the watch, both in terms of quantity (6 units only) and price (white gold case), made it difficult for many of them to treat themselves with a fine piece of watchmaking in tribute to an important part of Jaguar’s history!

Giles and Nick English both heard these lamentations loud and clear and, with a lot of good business sense, have decided to release two new timepieces to honour Jaguar’s E-type sports cars. This time around, though, without the limited production and with stainless steel instead of white gold to make the newcomers available and affordable…

Named E-Type MKI, the first model is almost the spitting image of the Lightweight E-Type, the most noticeable difference being the presence of a date window instead of the chassis number below the “Jaguar Heritage” logo. Although the watch looks good, let me just say that I would not be very pleased to see it in the collection if I were the owner of one of the six Lightweight E-Type timepieces…

At least no mix-up will be possible between the Lightweight E-Type model and the E-Type MKII watch: being a chronograph, the latter is aesthetically different enough to deserve its spot in the collection. Quite understandably, though, the aesthetic codes are similar to the other two timekeepers: the “Jaguar Heritage” logo is still there, the same font is used on the black dial and the “red zone” quadrant is now in the small seconds register at 9 o’clock. The rotor retains the same steering wheel shape and the brand’s also used the blue Connolly leather strap with holes for this model.

Both the E-Type MKI and E-Type MKII models will officially be unveiled during Baselworld and Watch Agora will come back on these introductions with live pictures to help you form a better idea of these timepieces.

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