Watches: Hublot Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold

By Thierry Ané on March 10, 2015

There are some periods of the year when some readers may be under the impression that Watch Agora turns into a Hublot-worshipping web site! I have never hidden the fact that I truly like the brand and I never pass on an opportunity to discuss them on our web magazine. Lately, though, there has been a serious drop in the number of articles dedicated to the Nyon-based Manufacture.

Since my love affair with Hublot is as strong as ever, it can only mean that the brand has paced down the rhythm of new introductions or that a significant amount of other brands are introducing so many exciting timepieces that the Hublot production appears somewhat diluted in the flow of novelties! Another possible explanation (and I clearly hope this is the case) is that they are holding back on new releases to blow us away with an explosion of creative novelties next week at Baselworld…

Only time will tell but in the meantime, as I am avid for new Hublot watches, I take every opportunity to discuss one here, even if it is something I do not find that innovative (yes that happens with Hublot even for me!).

The black ceramic and Magic Gold version presented in January

The new model in question is the Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold, a limited edition of 250 pieces that we will obviously discover in the metal next week during the fair. Basically, it is the Big Bang Unico Black Ceramic and Magic Gold unveiled earlier this year with the black ceramic case replaced by Magic Gold.

I refer the interested reader to the article I posted a month agoWatches: Hublot Big Bang Unico Black Ceramic and Magic Gold about this model for the general characteristics of the watch and the explanations about the patented “Magic Gold” material.

Quite interestingly, I was noting at the time that although this revolutionary material was initially used for the entire case and bezel of the Big Bang Magic Gold and of the Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold, it was simply present on the bezel of the Big Bang Unico Black Ceramic and Magic Gold.

With the new Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold, Hublot’s scratch-resistant gold now covers the entire case of the “new Big Bang”. This is where the differences start and end, though, between these two models. The sapphire dial of both watches features the same satin-finished gilt plated skeleton hands and counter rings that recall the colour of the “Magic Gold”.

This time around, though, I think that less is more, and the black ceramic case provided a very appealing contrast to the Magic Gold bezel on the Big Bang Unico Black Ceramic and Magic Gold. The Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold looks too monochromatic in comparison, less interesting.

But even though this “magic” one does not glitter, it is still gold and this precious metal has a way of attracting a certain crowd so I have no doubt this model will be even more successful than its “cheaper” cousin only boasting a gold bezel…

For more information please visit the Hublot web site.

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