Watches: Concord C2 Chronograph Teknologic

By Thierry Ané on November 30, 2013

Six years ago, we witnessed the rebirth of Concord with the introduction of the C1 Chronograph. In perfect sync with its time, the watch was built to impress. Thick and large, the hexagonal case looked pretty angular and gave a very rugged feel to the timepiece.

These bulky watches are no longer in the mood of the times though, and very wisely, Concord introduced in 2012 a more refined version. With a substantially thinner case and slightly more fluid lines, the C2 Collection corresponds to today’s tastes.

Since the launch of this new line, Concord has been playing with the style of this slender Chronograph and offered us some exciting interpretations. For instance, let me mention the sporty C2 Chronograph Smoked Red released in 2012 with black PVD steel case that takes its design queues from the world of motorsports. The watch features bright red accents on the dial as well as red stitches on the rubberized alligator strap.

The versatile C2 watch can also look luxurious and elegant when it is interpreted in steel and rose gold with a diamond-set bezel and an immaculate white alligator strap as with the C2 Chronograph UrbanGlaze released earlier this year. These are of course only two past examples of the versatility of the C2 Chronograph and of the creativity of Concord’s designers.

This month, the brand takes its bestselling model into new territories. Inspired by the underground techno-music, the C2 Chronograph Teknologic is an irreverent and urban interpretation. This iconoclast timepiece mixes the luxury and tradition of Swiss watchmaking with the design codes of a modern underground culture.

The 43 mm steel case is treated in grey PVD and fitted with a beautiful metallic grey alligator strap with vivid green stitches. The silver-toned dial features green accents on the flange and glows at night with electric green LED-lookalike Superluminova – a very appropriate feature for a model inspired by the world of techo-music. A funny fact: look at the day and night pictures of the watch and you will see that it is in fact the silver part of the flange that bears the green Superluminova and not the green part. As a result the night flange is a negative of the day flange version.

A youthful and colourful watch that will easily find its audience and that proves Concord is definitely heading in the right direction.

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