Watches: Ulysse Nardin Hourstriker Erotica Jarretière (+live pics and video)

By Thierry Ané on August 14, 2015

Striking mechanisms are one of Ulysse Nardin’s many specialities and the Manufacture likes to combine these already demanding complications with jaquemarts to create exceptional timepieces. From Genghis Khan, to Alexander the Great or Hannibal, tiny automata have paid tribute to History’s greatest warriors on the brand's highly coveted "Minute Repeater Westminster Carillon Tourbillon". The Circus or the Forgerons (blacksmiths) have offered a sophisticated and animated ballet to complement the sound of "Minute Repeaters" and unconventional Oil Pumps have joined the wildlife-inspired models, like the Tiger, on the dials of "Hourstriker".

Diverse as these themes may seem, some people might find them, should we say, a little “traditional” and long for more “alternative” creations. With their slightly tawdry side, this is exactly what erotic scenes can bring to the high refinement of a Haute Horlogerie timepiece and bawdy representations have indeed been a long-standing tradition in the watch industry. This year, Ulysse Nardin revisits this sensual genre with the “Hourstriker Erotica Jarretière”.

Available in Platinum or Rose Gold in limited editions of just 28 pieces, these creations offer a magnificent black onyx dial with somehow risqué white or rose gold jaquemarts coming to life with the striking of hours and half hours. The scene exposes lovers, viewable from the interior balcony, enjoying each other. Set amidst traditional Venetian décor, the nude man and woman make love on a chaise every time the mechanism is activated.

The self-winding UN-611 calibre animating these watches can be admired through the sapphire crystal on the back of the case. Both versions are mounted on black alligator straps with folding buckles in the same material as the case. Despite the presence of a chiming mechanism, these timekeepers are water resistant to a depth of 30 meters.

For more information please visit the Ulysse Nardin web site.