Flash News: Hermès Pendentif Boule Cloisonné Enamel Collection

By Thierry Ané on September 10, 2015

As a rule, I never discuss watches powered by quartz movement on Watch Agora and the same veto goes for the “smart-watches” that are spreading quite rapidly these days. There is no denying that some of these models are technically interesting and in some instances, the craftsmanship and finishing they offer is superior to some of their mechanical counterparts. It is just that I am not into this kind of timekeepers at all and I somehow have the feeling that our readers are not much more enthusiastic about them than I am! In addition, even though I try to present all the ladies’ introductions that have caught my eye, like most web sites dedicated to Fine Watchmaking, most of my articles focus on male models.

Despite this state of affairs, some creations are too special to pass on and deserve to be presented here at least in a short-format article. The “Pendentif Boule” watches by the House of Hermès surely belong to this category and given my personal fondness for all the Métiers d’Art timepieces, I could not resist the temptation of discussing the new cloisonné enamel versions unveiled this week.

An elegant and original jewel as much as a timekeeper, this “pendant-watch” epitomizes the kind of refined objects that come to mind when someone evokes the French luxury brand Hermès. The 21 mm sphere in precious metal worn on a necklace crafted in the same metal screams French sophistication and the luxurious art-de-vivre present in all of the brand’s collections from the leather products to the home decoration objects, from the clothes to the fragrances, and from the jewellery to the watches.

The 2013 Pendentif Boule covered with leather and diamonds

Some readers may remember the exquisite 2013 model in white with a broad ring of snow-set brilliant-cut diamonds on the case and a spherical blue alligator leather back. These parts were so beautiful that one would even forget to look at the white mother-of-pearl dial where two sword-shaped and facetted gold hands indicate the time of the day with the help of brilliant-cut hour markers!

Using the same white gold case and 11 mm quartz movement, the three new creations explore another decorative path with the art of cloisonné enamelling. On each model, the half-sphere of the back received a geometrical motif created through white gold cloisons: thin wires of precious metal that are painstakingly assembled to create the partitions that will house the various shades of enamel. The entire art of the enameller lies in the perfect adjustment of each partition. Without this meticulous fitting and joining process, the enamels would seep out of their golden compartments. Needless to say the dome shape of the surface makes this step even more difficult than usual.

Then, using the tiniest brushes, the artisan applies the finely crushed enamel powder to the gold-hemmed petals he first created. Whether beautiful shades of red and blue, warm combinations of green and autumn colours or juxtaposed bright Harlequin hues, the various nuances will reveal their radiance after numerous firings at high temperature.

All three versions are equally stunning turning these “Pendentif Boule” watches into perfect gifts for your special lady friend….

For more information please visit the Hermès web site.

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