Watches: Harry Winston Project Z6 Excenter Alarm Blue Edition

By Thierry Ané on December 11, 2013

Since its launch in 2004, the raison d’être of Harry Winston’s Project Z series has always been to blend cutting-edge design with high-end watchmaking. Perfectly faithful to this road map, all the models introduced over the years have combined luxurious sporty looks with the most refined mechanical movements to create inimitable and highly desirable limited edition watches crafted in Zalium, Harry Winston’s exclusive zirconium alloy. This year, the brand presented the absolutely gorgeous Project Z6 Excenter Alarm Blue Edition.

The Project Z6’s story began in 2010 with two limited versions of the “Project Z6 Excenter Alarm”: one with an anthracite dial limited to 250 pieces and another with a silver dial limited to 50 pieces. It continued in 2011 with 300 pieces of the Project Z6 Excenter Alarm Black Edition for which the Zalium case received a black DLC coating. This year’s Project Z6 Excenter Alarm Blue Edition is the latest chapter of this exciting ongoing saga.

The Black Edition model released in 2011

All models are built around the mechanical, hand-wound HW1010 calibre with two barrels to guarantee a power reserve of 72 hours. In addition to displaying the hours and minutes in an off-centred dial with a day-night indicator, this movement features a power indicator in the form of a shuriken-shaped disc (for those who wonder, a shuriken is a traditional ninja throwing star). Last but not least, this sophisticated calibre offers an alarm function with its own day-night indicator. Designed to be aesthetically striking as much as for its evident utility, this alarm function consists of a minute-repeater style hammer visible from the dial side.

The 44 mm case of the Project Z6 Excenter Alarm Blue Edition is made of the same black DLC Zalium as the Black Edition. The rubber strap of both models is also secured by the same black DLC Zalium pin buckle. It is blue instead of black in this year’s version and whereas it was completely smooth on the Black Edition, it now has a "clous pyramide" texture for the Blue Edition.

The 2010 original model with its 2 dial versions

The blue dial is absolutely stunning and extremely representative of Harry Winston’s unconventional yet high-end sports style. On a vertical satin-brushed blue background, the two overlapping discs, the day-night indicators and the hammer of the alarm function all create a multi-level structure that has been treated with a variety of finishes to create a striking visual effect. Let me mention for instance the circular satin-brushed finish on the hours and minutes counters with the snailed finish centre that contrast nicely with the Côtes de Genève finish of the alarm counter.

This is not just another sports watch. First of all because Harry Winston selects carefully a movement rugged enough to make sense in a sport model but refined enough to live up to the brand’s reputation. Then, because if you pay attention you will realise the amount of care the brand put in the aesthetics of this timepiece. The modern sporty look does not mean that efforts have been spared on the design or finish. Everything on this watch cries for attention and reflects the superlative standards of Harry Winston.

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