Watches: Hublot King Power Spider Bang

By Thierry Ané on December 15, 2013

The marketing team at Hublot has certainly decided that sport sponsorship is the key to success. There is not a single sport overlooked by this brand. The watches I would like to introduce today have been created in honour of boxer Anderson Silva.

It is not the first breakthrough of Hublot in the boxing world. In 2012, they released the King Power World Boxing Council. Auctioned in Las Vegas in September 2012, this series of 12 timepieces paid homage to 12 legendary boxers.

It is now Anderson Silva’s turn to be honoured by no less than two timepieces: one in black ceramic and another one in king gold. The boxer’s nickname, “The Spider”, serves as the general theme for the design of these timepieces. Indeed, the sapphire dial features a big spider at 9 o’clock and the entire dial is covered by the spider web.

On the black ceramic version, the spider, the minutes track and the Hublot logo are yellow. The SuperLuminova on the hour markers and hands is black making the yellow and the grey of the spider web the only colours on the timepiece. The black gummy alligator strap features two rows of stitches: one in grey and one in yellow, in perfect harmony with the dial hues.

The king gold version is much more colourful. The gold of the case contrasts nicely with the black ceramic bezel. Although the spider web remains grey, the spider is now red. This bright red has also been used for the SuperLuminova on the gold hands and hour markers. This version is also fitted with a black gummy alligator but the stitches are now grey and red, like the spider and its web.

There will be 11 pieces of the king gold model in reference to Anderson Silva’s 11 UFC victories, and 100 pieces of the black ceramic model. This is all the information I have been able to obtain on these timepieces that, in all likelihood, will not be sold world-wide.

I think that they are amazing! I really love the spider web: it would have been easy to do something ridiculous with it, but Hublot’s designers have come up with something tasteful. Even though I usually don’t like yellow, my preference goes to the black ceramic model. The gold version has too many colours to my taste and the final result is more cartoon-like.

In my opinion, with the Black Mamba Ceramic, it is one of the best King Power models of the year and I am really frustrated to know that it will only be sold locally.

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